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Engagement in society

Ethical and social commitment is part of Liberto’s DNA since its foundation. Giving back to society, and particularly those in need, some of the profits generated by our business activity is part of our corporate culture. We are collaborating via donations and voluntary work with NGOs that work selflessly, efficiently, and with transparency and are focused on health related research and treatment across different types of illnesses.

Fundación Bobath

The Bobath Foundation is a national care organization that provides selflessly integral educational and treatment assistance for people with cerebral palsy at all ages.
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Fundación Española del Corazón

The Spanish Heart Foundation is a national private non-profit institution promoted by The Spanish Cardiology Society. Its first aim is the prevention of heart diseases by health education through awareness campaigns to take healthy life habits.
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Fundación Reinservida

The Reinservida Foundation is a national non-profit association focused on research and treatment of addictions. Reinservida expects to become a therapeutic alternative for social rehabilitation of people affected by addiction to drugs and alcohol.
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Fundación GMP

The mission of Foundation Gmp is based on two goals: first, improve the living conditions of persons with Down Syndrome and Acquired Brain Injury and their families to achieve a full family, school, employment and social integration. Second, boost criteria and develop strategies for corporate social responsibility in the area of Gmp Group activity.
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In 1971 a small group of doctors and journalists founded Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Paris. Today MSF counts on over 32,000 professionals on the ground and the support of more than 5 millions of partners and collaborators at five continents. MSF is one of the biggest global independent humanitarian organizations with the mission of providing medical care to populations on crisis, with no race, religion or political ideology discrimination. In 1999 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
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ONG Cris

With CRIS’s own words “Research will allow us to win time against cancer, and save more lives, until the day we beat cancer”. Cancer does not wait; this is why CRIS invites everyone to take part in this fight. The more of us there are, the earlier we will win the battle against cancer. CRIS think that science is the only weapon that can beat cancer.
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Fundacio Sant Joan de Déu Cris

The primary goal of Fundació Privada per a la Recerca i Docència Sant Joan de Déu (Sant Joan de Déu Research Foundation) is to contribute to the improvement of people’s health and welfare, fostering, supporting and coordinating the research carried out at the various Sant Joan de Déu health centres while upholding our values of hospitality, respect, quality and responsibility.
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“This year, in your name, we give away future”

Niño Papá Noel

Photo © Danil Chepko

With this philosophy and since 2014, Liberto Group carries out for Christmas a social action donating to solidarity projects the budget allocated to Christmas presents for clients plus a corporative donation. This time and under the slogan “This year, in your name, we give away future” we have focused our support especially on projects that work every day so that many people and families can enjoy the future, giving them hope and dreams.

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