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a) Use of cookies:

Liberto Ventures, S.L. (hereinafter, “Liberto Group“), firm that operates with brand Liberto Group, uses cookies at its website. Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server in order to record the activities of a User on a website. The primary purpose of cookies is to provide the User with faster access to the selected Services. In addition, cookies personalise the Services offered by the Liberto Group Website, facilitating and offering to each User information that is or may be of interest to him/her, according to the use the User makes of the Services.

The Liberto Group Website uses cookies to personalise and facilitate the User’s browsing experience as much as possible. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous User and that User’s computer and do not provide references that allow personal data of the User to be deduced. The User can change the settings of his/her browser so that it reports and prevents the installation of cookies sent by the Liberto Group Website, without this affecting the User’s ability to access the contents.

Please note, however, that in all events the operating quality of the web page can decrease. Registered Users who have registered or logged on can benefit from more personalised services that are oriented towards their profile, thanks to the combination of the data stored in the cookies with the personal data given when they registered. Said Users expressly authorise the use of this information for the indicated purpose, without prejudice to their right to reject or disable the use of cookies.

b) Type, purpose and working of the cookies:

Cookies, according to how permanent they are, can be divided into session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies expire when the User closes the browser. Permanent cookies expire depending on when the objective they are used for has been fulfilled (for example, so that the User is identified in Liberto Group Services) or when they are erased manually. Liberto Group site uses or would may use these cookies:

Own Cookies

Name Domain Owner Expiration Purpose
PHPSESSID www.libertogroup.com First part [Liberto Group] Session Enables user sessions to be established.
qtrans_cookie_test www.libertogroup.com First part [Liberto Group] Session Used to determine the predetermined language.
viewed_cookie_policy www.libertogroup.com First part [Liberto Group] 1 year Used to remember user preferences as regards the information provided on the cookies policy and how they work.

Further information at our Privacy Statement.

Third part cookies

Name Domain Owner Expiration Purpose
_ga www.libertogroup.com Third part [Google] 2 years Used to distinguish unique users.
_gat www.libertogroup.com Third part [Google] 10 minutes Used to differentiate between the different monitoring targets created in the session.
_gid www.libertogroup.com Third part [Google] 24 hours Used to distinguish unique users.

Further information at Google.

c) How to disable cookies in the main browsers:

It is normally possible to stop accepting browser cookies or stop accepting cookies from one service in particular. All modern browsers allow cookie settings to be changed. These settings are normally found in the “Options” or “Preferences” sections of your browser menu. The Liberto Group Website offers guidance to Users about the steps to access the cookie settings menu and, where appropriate, private browsing menu for each of the main browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options-> Privacy-> Settings. For more information, you can consult Microsoft support or the browser help options.
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options-> Privacy-> History-> Use custom settings. For more information, you can consult Mozilla support or the browser help options.
  • Chrome: Settings-> Show advanced settings-> Privacy-> Content settings. For more information, you can consult Google support or the browser help options.
  • Safari: Preferences-> Security. For more information, you can consult Apple support or the browser help options.

d) What happens if the cookies are disabled:

Some features of the Services will become disabled.

This Cookies Policy was updated on 30 July 2018.

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